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Recent Projects

Brand strategy, Identity design, Packaging design.


Art director: Darshil Shah

Designer: Naitik Shah
Photographer: Jugal Patel




The good folks at Rustom Hospitality Pvt Ltd approached with quite a unique problem. With health snacking being a diminishing demand, they wished to penetrate the mass snacking market with their signature baking recipes of muffins. The catch? They needed to launch within just 30 days with a winning brand identity.


Fluffn branding Case study

For a low priced FMCG product like muffins, the biggest challenge is to create an intuitive sell. With packaging covering 80% of the product in this case, it was imperative to attract eyes amongst tens of other products on the shelf.

We used minimal photography with clear and concise communication to keep the user guided with the information necessary, along with eye-grabbing aesthetics to stand out amongst hundreds of other products on the shelf.

Naming + Logo

When we heard it the first time coined by someone from the client team during the brainstorm, we knew we had found a winner. Ultra clear, simple, and catchy to remember, fluffin stands for fluffy + muffin.

In the initial week of the market test launch, which covered 40 locations across Mumbai ranging from general trade stores to modern trade outlets, fluffin not only saw a 100% offtake, but even garnered 4x repeat orders.

The Impact

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