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2019 onwards

Ignite is one of the premier most chain of dark kitchens in Mumbai, India with brands under them like Tandoor Tale, Sandwich Mania, Yakuza and Meal in the Box.

Ignite Foods

Being a dark kitchen, ignite foods had the leeway of building multiple brand personas which can individually be known for their specialty and expertise in a particular cuisine. This is to build a niche audience for whom the first choice for their favorite food is still always ignite foods.

Ignite foods aims at capturing more verticals and cuisines as it grows. Here are the brands curated under their umbrella as of now: The Tandoor Tale (Indian cuisine), Yakuza (Asian Cuisine), The Sandwich  Mania Co. (Snacking vertical) & Meal in a Box (for Mealboxes). Please scroll down and be patient while it loads.

Multiple Identities

How may we

position as experts for a variety of cuisines?

Ignite Branding

Ignite stands for the passion that blazes at the core of all their ventures. To resonate the same, a minimalistic yet responsive and flexible visual identity was created for the parent brand. 

Although this identity is never seen by the end customer, this identity was of key interest to make an impression on all internal stakeholders and other B2B affiliations.

Parent Brand

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